Kojo in Education

The Kalpana Research and Learning Center
The Kalpana Research and Learning Center (KRLC) is based on a few basic ideas:

  • Nothing can be taught, but anything can be learned. So a teacher needs to be a guide and a mentor
  • Children learn by doing, in environments that provide constructive feedback, and encourage mindful trial-and-error
  • Children learn effectively when they can relate to what they are learning
  • Self directed learning, in the form of play, is very powerful
  • Given the above, the right kind of software can radically improve the way in which children are educated

At KRLC, children work in an interactive software supported environment where these ideas come alive. More...

Kalpana Clubs
These are clubs within schools, based on the model of the Kalpana Research and Learning Center. The clubs borrow the following from the Center:

  • Core philosophy of education
  • The software based learning environment
  • Learning material
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