Kojo Quickstart

Here's a quick way to get started with Kojo:

  • Download and Install Kojo.
  • Run Kojo.
  • Go through the Kojo Overview Story.
    • Click on the Stories -> Kojo Overview menu item. This will copy the source for the story into the Script Editor, and will then play the story.
    • Navigate within the story with the help of the buttons at the bottom of the Storyteller window.
  • Download the Kojo Introduction Ebook from the Kojo Ebooks page.
  • Work through pages 8-28 of the Introduction Ebook (following instructions and doing things within Kojo as required).
  • Go through the checklist on Page 28 of the Introduction Ebook and make sure you're familiar with the items listed there.
  • Download the sample version of the Level 1 Ebook from the Kojo Ebooks page.
  • Go through the Level 1 Ebook, doing activities and exercises within Kojo as required.
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